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宋父应援宋慧乔|娇肤"Done! Pang tong shook his fist excitedly, and it was clear that someone on the tower had moved.But CAI unwilling, he to the last stroke with liu bei, he does not believe that outside the thirty thousand troops can really break xiangyang, of course, this is the ghost in the inside have no cases, pretending, kuai, must be destroyed, their influence in the army and the whole xiangyang is too big, only to give these people to put out, CAI to let go of the hands and feet, explore with liu bei, he unwilling so quietly died."I should go to conference hall, today let zheng son accompany a lady well." Lyu3 bu4 help sable cicada the hair before forehead is parted, smile way.

"If liu bei wins jingzhou, what do you think he will do next?" After all, he was influenced by history, and the judgment he made at that time may not be correct. After all, the world is now completely different from The Three Kingdoms period in history because of his arrival. He wanted to see what opinions these wise men would have under his account?"Ha ha ha ha ~" kuai liang feeling the loss of life, but the corners of the mouth hang a smile, laughter is getting bigger and bigger, to the end of the crazy laugh, laughter, with a difficult to say desolate, after this battle, whether CAI or kuai home is a big wound, no longer the past heyday."Is there something special about the way your country pays tribute to the queen?" Lyu3 bu4 stretch out one's hand, help her take off the jin pa that seal on the mouth, LAN zhan however the vision is complex looking at lyu3 bu4, the United States eye in twinkle a few minutes stubborn, a few minutes of resentment also have a silk of friendship.宋父应援宋慧乔|"Roar ~"

宋父应援宋慧乔|What's more, lu bu's water troops would not come here for no reason. You know, although southern hebei province borders on lu bu the most, qinghe county is the farthest place from lu bu. Does the appearance of gan ning mean that lu bu will attack southern hebei and fulfill his promise?The captain looked up doubtfully ma chao one eye, nodded way: "well!" After seeing ma chao had no other orders, he bowed down and retired."Never mind that." When xu shu saw that the scene was getting cold, he held up the wine shang and said with a smile, "that will help you to build up your achievements this time.

At last night came, and a fire was being built in the camp opposite, but nothing could be seen from the wall except wisps of smoke.Unfortunately, neither jiangdong nor lv bu would allow cao cao to form his own water army. After gan ning and zhou yu destroyed the water camp, cao cao could only temporarily rest his mind.< / p > < p > the wrong horse and the moment, they killed three cao, the rear white horse camp excited up, and the cao camp, yu ban and a lot of cao army is a collective lost voice, yu ban suddenly some regret, lu bu's army, seems to be the most lack of this kind of.宋父应援宋慧乔|





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