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虹云工程腰椎复原宝"From now on these children will play in the camp, and when they are five years old they will be sent to school, and if any of your soldiers' children wish to come, a gentleman will be called in all the year round to teach these children." Lv bu looked at a crowd of soldiers road.Cao cao had a dispute over a letter from yuan shang. At the moment, yuan shang was also a little nervous. He looked at the sky outside and frowned at the direction of the gate.When yuan's soldiers saw the yuanmen suddenly open the door, they were slightly startled and gave out a shout to kill them into the camp. However, they heard a sharp sound of hooves. Pound had led the cavalry out of the camp.

"Well." Lv bu nodded, yifu desperately, wanfu mo enemy, zhang he and other people desperately up, looking across the world, can win the people are really few.Others while disorderly escape, but these have not important, red hare walked out of the army of lyu3 bu4 twist a head, and looked at the soldiers, sink a track: "kill me, I have a reason to hate your, but from this moment on, such as, is I lyu3 bu4, even hate, is also my brothers in arms, the dead already, one won't pursue now pick up your weapon, put on standby, no escape, the available feats of kill!""Fire!" Two people is almost at the same time given the order to release the arrow, JianCu intersection, in the air crash, then staggered and fell in different directions, d with the cavalry is almost on the formation of primm blunt past, did not directly impact matrix, the sparse arrows rain took several life again, riding and shooting injection JianCu, however, is almost entirely by jun continues, even if has a shield hand keep out, still there are dozens of jun soldiers in a pool of blood.虹云工程Strange?

虹云工程There was a warm kang in the room, and pang tong did not want to be in the cold with a group of old men, who had been born in the army and were coarse in skin and flesh.'look again! Madai looked around with a cold face. When he looked at the hill not far away, his heart stirred."MAO ~"

"Good to say, luxiong died here, CAI MAO must be investigated, if we do not agree, CAI MAO will be in the bandits grounds, led the troops into jiangxia, jiangxia who will be in charge when the time comes, but not necessarily! Huang zu cold hum a, he suspected that luxiong is CAI MAO threw the bait here, luxiong's death, CAI MAO will make use of the storm, destroy a dozen people, with such a stir? Anyway huang zu is dead also don't believe.Hearing the words, lv bu hurried to urge immediately before he saw the tube hai on the ground with the help of lu fang. His face was as pale as gold. The wound in his chest and abdomen was unusually striking.Now, yuan shang is concerned about how to drive out lu bu and how to make the most of cao cao's influence.虹云工程




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