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湖北杨郧生被查扬帆教育"At the end of my life, I will serve only one governor!" Lv meng said emphatically."Oh?" Zhang song wen yan picked pick eyebrow: "can ever leave a name?""Oh, cao liu sun three princes alliance, liu zhang also agreed to send troops to hanzhong, xiao straight so sure that the Lord will be able to win? Zhang song has some bad way.

No one answered, or even disdained to answer, because ford had guessed before, two nightwalks will set up, ford had wanted to delay, waiting for ye county's liubijun soldiers to come to help, but nightwalk just looked at him coldly, indifferent way: "if you think your legs in the way, I can do it.As cao cao commanded, rushed ahead array wasn't attacked two bianconeri qiqi relieved, immediately began to retreat, xh also with a crossbow troops pulled out of the range, measure and xh want to 'criticisms of gas, the other the single-shot crossbow range, for more than three hundred and thirty steps, his wisdom command five thousand equipped with shield hand, so soon, is the other half out.The left arm muscle is like a small hill the general grave rises, the huge wood armour underneath has a dozen jingzhou officers and soldiers fully, was the magnificent hai lian person to take the wood armour living life to drag in.湖北杨郧生被查⺋iangyang was pinged, liu bei successfully occupied nine counties of the news, in the first time, was arranged in jingzhou nightingale by flying pigeons to spread the book to luoyang.

湖北杨郧生被查"Peng ~""I am zhuge liang's words... "Lv meng smell speech, not frowned in thought:" that men will certainly is a smoke screen, but really hoarding hay, should not far from here, the location of the hukou, is the most suitable for connecting the north and the south, and the paper will be shipped to the jingzhou army is here, even if the clothe is absent in hukou, but certainly not too far away from here."Is it the job of a general to transport provisions? Especially in the front of the war is not conducive to the situation, zhang fei wanted to fly in the past to help his eldest brother, but zhuge liang is still that hated, let zhang fei sometimes very anxious to use zhang eight snake spear on his body poke more than twenty holes.

"What do you think of cloud chang and han sheng?" Liu bei rode with guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao in the camp of princes, looking at cao junrong and quietly asked."Forward with the crossbow!" Realizing that the enemy was not carrying a crossbow with such a long range, guan yu ordered the whole army to advance.More and more as the damage of the crossbow, both sides of the proportion of casualties in the shrinking, seibel's most elite has not been dispatched from the front camp, cao cao as a victory in the use of human life, seibel don't believe, cao cao army of three hundred thousand to be able to fight until the last a single soldier didn't collapse, lead camp cannot consume in this meaningless loss, now although difficult, but still haven't got to lead to camp.湖北杨郧生被查




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