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女装甲团长|银行资料架Lyu3 bu4 from the evening did not see XiongKuoHai figure, want to be sent by the giffin, the present nodded: "In that case, then I will not ask about it."Zhou Cang smell speech, some don't accept, but lyu3 bu4 has rode out, red hare on foot, casual walk generally came to less than ten zhangs away from d."The king know the general?" Lyu3 bu4 stood up, back to a hanli, doubtful look to the moon people.

Everything is difficult in the beginning, many things, the first step is always very difficult, but as long as we get out of this step, the rest of the things will come naturally.Burn when the old king must not die, Korea hence is very clear about this, so, after the news, immediately point qi military forces, personally led the troops to war, kill to burn when the camp.女装甲团长|If it was later, Even if I knew this man, Probably also because he has a talented daughter CAI wenji, but if born in this era, sorted than CAI wenji big ten thousand times, east han dynasty Confucianism, teacher of right, that year is dong zhuoquan leaning toward the government and opposition, sorted CAI is ritual respect, dare not have the slightest snub, then yun wang came to power, forced to kill sorted CAI, I don't know how many celebrities.

女装甲团长|"Go ahead and greet them." Wei YanDang first walked toward the camp, anyway, this is zhang liao sent to people, etiquette needs to respect.When Korea hence brave the heavy rain feel burned when the camp, is a mess, the remaining qiang packed up the mess of the battlefield, the ground is all corpses.Looking at Han De, he said, "General Han is a native. Can you tell me where we can fight for our army?"

Chapter 31 interception"Has not lu bu news lately?" Liu Bao stood up and looked at the sky outside.女装甲团长|





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