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美国十次拉导航|合肥废铜回收For a long time, cao cao shook his head, eyes are gradually bright, looked at the four humanity: "in that case, we are not let people knead the generation, pass me generals, life Zang bully since LangXie invasion, rate of xuzhou elite stationed in qingzhou, occupation of linzi, BeiHai, dong an, contain lombardi, consolidate our right from the east lombardi raid xuchang; Life in the ban led Ma Bu army two thousand, cantonment yan jin, help and keep the white horse liu yan, block lombardi crossing the river, long drive south; The rest of the military forces led by me personally, into guandu! ""The forty thousand west cool army, I'm not going to let him back, even if can't immediately eliminate Korea hence marten, also want to make it dare not look directly at our military power." Lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

"Tomorrow, the army will return, hope, worries can give me an answer, also give yourself an answer. Lyu3 bu4 heart know marotta has been moved, even for a moment, but enough."Intermarriage." Giffin sink a track.美国十次拉导航|"That's great!" Ezra pound heavily waved his arm, excited way: "as long as the huns go, pound here but fifty thousand men, as long as seibel, zhang liao two generals north, and our formation of bemis, make Korea hence can't give attention to both ends, to master back to the day, the battle will be won!"

美国十次拉导航|"Go!" Korea hence turned to leave, this battle must be won before lyu3 bu4 back, otherwise stay lyu3 bu4 return day, he is likely to be consumed to death here.Just in the blink of an eye, four commanders were cut down, lyu3 bu4 ferocious means to let follow the four huns military commanders some hair, lyu3 bu4 solved a, the other three people have seen already cold, see lyu3 bu4 eyes sweep, frightened, which also dare to fight again, dial the horse and go."It's Zhou Cang!" Wei yan sharp-eyed, at a glance he saw in the team carrying a broadsword to this side of the Zhou Cang.

Zhou Cang smell speech, some don't accept, but lyu3 bu4 has rode out, red hare on foot, casual walk generally came to less than ten zhangs away from d."I am not alone in this matter, and I need the consent of the others." Yang Wang hesitated for a moment. He looked at Lu Bu and said, "Please let the general stay here for a few days.""I have seen the general." Yang wang stood up, lyu3 bu4 line of a han Chinese etiquette.美国十次拉导航|




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