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啊我要c死你小荡货|欧麦诗怎么样Pound took a deep breath, eyes gradually calm down, eyes in XiongKuoHai, d and north palace from the body swept, pondered: "the two armies against each other, morale is very important, little general!""Yes.""Go ahead and greet them." Wei YanDang first walked toward the camp, anyway, this is zhang liao sent to people, etiquette needs to respect.

"Cavalry?" Chen Xing frown thought, this cavalry is really a hard to get around, and since the camp three days ago, candidates for the night alert significantly increased a lot."Death!" Xiongnu martial arts frightened, hands mace ruthlessly to each other in the past, directly will be the famous head smashed.This guy!啊我要c死你小荡货|Li Bao smell speech, this just breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that he is through this time, this expression, fell in zhong yao eyes, nature is another layer of meaning, the present bow way: "adults can believe that will be enough at the end."

啊我要c死你小荡货|There is no free lunch in the world, as a nation's long, Yang Wangnature will not be drawn out of these beautiful blueprints lost, he is convinced that a sentence in the Han people, take it in advance must be given first!"No way!" At smell speech can not help but face big change, frown way: "lyu3 bu4 military forces how can play more and more? And forty thousand troops, what combat effectiveness!? In addition, the new city, will not appear unstable?""Yes!" Zhou Cang grinned grimly and dragged Miu Shang's collar like a dead dog.

Low words with a special appeal, many people silently tightened their weapons, lyu3 bu4 words, let them have gradually numb heart suddenly rose a hot, with lyu3 bu4 words, constantly accumulating, long-lost blood, in this moment, there is a kind of impulse as if to be ignited."I just won 't go now, doesn't mean he won't go, First put our belongings in hand again, Korea hence want to take us when the gun is not so easy, if he can't wait, can attack himself first, anyway, as long as we help him win lyu3 bu4, the west cool half of the place is ours, even if Korea hence want to change his mind, I'm afraid also don't have the skill! " Liu Baoleng hum 1: "You look at the other four, which will be anxious to meet with Korea hence? First let Korea hence to spell, his hay, but not enough for him to continue to drag down.""Ma'am, please rest assured that Wen Hou's condition has never been better. His pulse is steady and strong, and his physique is strong. If you don't know who he is and only listen to his pulse, it will be the pulse of a 30-year-old man. It is the first time that I have encountered such an unusual phenomenon." Some of the old voices were filled with wonder.啊我要c死你小荡货|




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