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周孝正 北大荒|藏王草胶囊Wuwei, show beauty."Gentlemen, master has been waiting for a long time." At the door, already waiting here xu chu forward, to two people see courtesy way."So, Meng De want to change back to zhong yao, also need to take hay." Lyu3 bu4 laughed.

"The general rest assured, if not so, next also don't have to come in person." Marotta smiled and said, "But if you want to get things done, you still need the help of the general.""White water qiang is about the future relationship between our army and qiang people, if can set a precedent here in white water qiang, set an example, in the future to accept other qiang people will be much easier, it will labor division trouble." Lyu3 bu4 patted giffin on the shoulder, sink a voice said.周孝正 北大荒|"Little General!" Suddenly saw d a shock rein, rushed to the center of the battlefield, pound complexion changed greatly, how he didn't know what to think of his little general, want to stop, d has rushed out on horseback, can only helplessly follow, for d swept array.

周孝正 北大荒|"That casualty appear to be minor." Pound rode to the rear of the army, trying to see what had happened.If the difference in strength, it is not an ally, but a dependency relationship, Korea hence obviously don't like to live under people for a long time, and marten side strength, there is no reason to yield to Korea hence."The name of the doctor, Mr Long Ming spread all over the world, Mr Bu also know the ambition of hanging pot, but..." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Hua Tuo, "Sir," said Lin Ran, "have you ever thought that even though your medical skill is of the highest rank in the world, it is still only one person? But if you can carry forward what you have learned, there will be ten Huatuo and a hundred Huatuo in the future to help the world. This merit is by no means comparable to that of a single person."

The identity of a royal family, absolutely can enhance lyu3 bu4 in the heart of the family, can also to a certain extent for lyu3 bu4 before the reputation of a lot of whitening, just...Time, whether lyu3 bu4 or Korea hence, are very short.周孝正 北大荒|




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