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三剑奇缘剧情|昆明高新区管委会Cao Caowen speech in the heart, also can't continue to enjoy the praise of the people, hurriedly took the letter, spread out on the table, at a glance at the past, eyes also gradually become dignified."Fight? How?" Zhang gu nervously looked at him one eye: "the whole jinyang city military forces add up to only eight hundred, you look at the soldiers."Lyu3 bu4 thought, guandu war this big battle to stay the cake, he had no reason not to eat.

Fei San said, his face changed dramatically. He fell on his knees with a splash and cried out, "Your excellency, if you forgive me, I will be persecuted."Bing must play!"Don't worry, I know lyu3 bu4 valiant, has ordered people in his food poisoned. Zhang Gu sneered: "In the satrap's house, there is a secret way, can be directly outside the city, after things are done, you and I just need to use this secret way to escape, you can sleep well!"三剑奇缘剧情|As for Jiang Xu, Lyu3 bu4 before the words of nature not without the meaning of knock, Although these wealthy families have not yet done anything harmful to their fundamentals, But in this regard, precautions must be taken in advance, Is also defensive, as far away in the western regions of pang tong commented, lyu3 bu4 now looks strong, but in a way all governors dare not go, wrong step, are likely to lose, this invisible battle, actually more dangerous than the real battle.

三剑奇缘剧情|Surging torrents spread across the pit, followed by gushing out of the Yinfeng Gorge, torrents suddenly scattered, spread towards this side, countless unresponsive soldiers were so swallowed up by the torrents, Quebec head in the protection of two soldiers, crazy horse racing.The woman is not stupid, but also quite wrist, almost even oneself have been around, lyu3 bu4 looked up and looked in the direction of the king's tent, eyes flashed a sneer, hum, since dare to murder me, that not only you lost your body, even the soldiers also want to fold!No one to speak, or say, no one think lyu3 bu4 said is true, grassland when there was such a strong man?

"Don't look at your general, there is a secret way in the satrap's mansion, if they do, will leave there immediately, no one will care about your life or death, right? General Wang Yong?" Speaking of the end, lyu3 bu4 has come to wang yong, a hand on his head, like touching a pet.Liang Xing this moment, head suddenly became very clear, looked at the front of the cheek is still a little childish, at the moment is ferocious some twist, suddenly gave birth to an unspeakable regret, if not at the beginning of the class, perhaps, the strong west cool army will not fall to this step today, at least... I still have a chance to live.Just after kirby can receive five big tribal alliance was breached, kirby sin, to jin stop sudden death soon after the news, lyu3 bu4 buried before the foreshadowing has not yet begun to spread completely, followed by kirby can receive lyu3 bu4 came with a great army of news.三剑奇缘剧情|




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