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白色烟雾弹图纸|丰美缘Giffin eyes flashed a touch of remembrance: "When I traveled here in my early years, It has some roots in one of them, I just got in touch recently, In fact, among the qiang people, there are a lot of qiang people admire my han culture, like-minded, but unfortunately, when the court decayed, to this ruler just want to use white water qiang battle power, the war, the end of the war, then expropriation, even with the qiang head impersonation military merit, master want to accept white water qiang, when to show his sincerity! ""Alas ~" zhong yao sighed softly and drew his sword around his neck.Printing, however, was not difficult in its original form. Printing words on boards and gluing ink, though rough, was at least as efficient as hand-copying.

Lyu3 bu4's face immediately sink, sink a track: "XiongKuoHai, immediately command now changan, all generals to come to deliberate!"Pound helplessly nodded. "Before scouts to quote, come out of the sophora to martial arts, should be the defense of martial arts, because the candidate failed to arrive in time, make seibel will two troops together, let him have enough troops in hand with us, or even if our offensive is blocked, seibel also can't pull out troops to pursue our army in a short time.""Master is want to..." Han De surprised to lyu3 bu4.白色烟雾弹图纸|"Yes." Jun hou nodded, lyu3 bu4 words again, the huns face finally relaxed a lot.

白色烟雾弹图纸|"In less than three days, the battle of Mu Ma Po will be known. This is what I have in mind. If I don't believe it, Gongda will allow me to stay at your house these days. Add in the time for news to and from your house, and results will be sent in ten days." Country hey laughs: "Gongda murphy is afraid?"Lyu3 bu4 smell speech suddenly looked back, deeply looked at the woman, blurted out: "CAI wenji?""Come back to town with me, all that descend pawns!" Sighed lightly, ma dai looked at a group of daunted surrender, wry smile a track: "don't worry, the general just because of hatred fainted mind, to kill Korea hence old son, nature will wake up, and now my horse has been formally loyal to general west, the highest command of the jingling, is not general ma."

They are still the first time from lyu3 bu4 mouth to hear the words of the world, one by one eyes can not help showing excited light.Marotta thin figure stood on top of diao dou, looking at the han sui army almost no gap in the attack, like a rough wave after wave, just as marotta worried, Korea then desperately."At the end of the day!" Chen xing promised to say goodbye, left seibel a person standing in the city head, looking at the distance gradually receding west cool army, shook his head, commanded around to step up defense, although through this defeat, d army morale was completely covered down, but d if line of risk, this time is also the most relaxed defenders, but easy to accomplish.白色烟雾弹图纸|




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