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页岩气概念牧豆咖啡片Military pay halve, and dead can not have pension to take, although the fighting capacity is not as good as guanzhong elite, but win in material benefits, play up need not love dearly, xu sheng some excitedly rubbed rub hands: "the end will do this!"'yes, and very large! Horses are nodded: "for a long time, our army even but can the dodgers five highest crossbow arrow, and the ballista, but from another direction, the perfect solved the problem, as long as enough time, cooperate with our already forming technology, can make better on the basis of the ares crossbow repeating ballista, range and never stop the step!""You don't say, I don't say, who knows, quickly say!" Zhang fei some impatient way.

"Zhou yu children, roll out to me!" Looking at the several columns of smoke rising in the city, zhang fei was about to rush to the past with the soldiers, but not far away, the civil houses around began to put arrows, caught off guard suddenly fell a lot of soldiers, zhang fei waved zhang ba snake spear called arrow, at the same time issued a roar.Zhangsong zhang mouth, finally sighed slightly, said nothing, milan disposition is faint, nor how on earth that means, liu and lu bu is notoriously strength, mo is such a counsellor, is under a soldier was killed and a cause lyu3 bu4 will retaliate in the past, the western regions have a country, it is for this reason be lyu3 bu4 bulldozed, directly in the face of such a master, with milan's temper, even if know is here, before didn't tell lyu3 bu4 formal war, milan is absolutely not willing to because method is provoked lu bu.页岩气概念"Father? Lv zheng saw the nighthawk leave and looked up to lu bu.

页岩气概念"When you and my brother were sworn brothers in taoyuan, they said that they would not ask for the same life, but for the same death. If the second brother died, I, as a brother, would have any face to live alone in the world?" Think of all these years of hard work, very not easy to have a foundation, but now to separate brothers, liu bei eyes could not help but shed two lines of clear tears.Then the following is much simpler, signed the contract of zhang song, the law is the peace of mind will be zhang fu as the secret information gathering stronghold, lv bu is in the law, but specially sent a group of whippoorwill follow, is responsible for the protection of protection at the same time, is also responsible for contact nightingale collection information."Wrong again, not to help him, but to help you." Fa zheng said with a smile, "the troops in shu have not been attacked for a long time, the weapons have been stored in storage, and the soldiers in ma fang's army are just like the young boys and strong men in our army. Moreover, brother zi qiao, in a wantless word, even without you, there might be some trouble, but if our army were to enter shu, you would not be able to stop it. Moreover, brother zi qiao does not really think that no one in shu is willing to cooperate with our Lord except you?"

"With our shield car, but have the same effect." Looking at the wooden beast, cao cao exclaimed: "this wooden beast, at least ten people can accommodate it?"(there was a time difference. Zhou yu was groping around in the fog to reach huyang. By then, zhou an had been almost wiped out."General! In gao shun's camp, a crossbow soldier was about to shoot when a large hand caught his crossbow and looked at gao shun doubtfully.页岩气概念




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