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哦啊哦啊|野生全松茶"Lv bu's daughter! ?" Immediately nu way: "she go where, how do I know?""Too bad we can't get involved in this big fight." Shook his head, lv bu some depressed lost the hands of the branches, guanzhong, xiliang are now in the stage of recuperation, lu bu can not help cao cao, with a small army ran to the site of yuan shao."Eldest brother although say, we burn block qiang people is the most important commitment." Qiang people young hurriedly chest assured way.

Addis, lyu3 bu4 is don't worry, may be genetic relationship, when lu bu, Addis skill is not bad and strengthened once blanc are not rivals, after lyu3 bu4 have strengthened once for her, now if theory of single combat effectiveness, as good as top military commanders, but as it is now in trouble everywhere, time is long, hard chi son always easy to meet."What about the letter?" Lu lingqi looks at lu bu.On November 15, when the weather in the north was already in the middle of winter, the first task of the three hundred guards, after they had become guards of lu bu, was not to go into battle and fight courteously, but to form a procession of soldiers with red and colorful coats.哦啊哦啊|

哦啊哦啊|Many games in the previous life will be called lv bu ghost, this life this title, by weapons to inherit it."Too bad." Lv bu shook his head and said, "the knight of the eight thousand months, now there is only such a little bit left."Thank wen and brother to introduce more." Fa yan nodded his thanks. Even though he was asking for help from others, his face was very rigid. Normal people were really difficult to get along with.

"Who are you? Lu lingqi slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at ugotan, coolly way.Cold west wind blowing the earth, also aroused ma chao a fiery ambition.Chapter 53 campSo gao shun in this year did not come back, but keep in hong nong, monitoring zhang he's every move, once zhang he has a different move, will first step across the river, and the battlefield to the internal fight.哦啊哦啊|





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