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玄心奥妙诀全集|刮痕去除剂The two sides don't understand each other's words, and there is no nonsense, ha mu er will mace round, toward the tube hai hit over the head.Han sui, this is to survive!

"Miss, the snow has stopped." Keats came in, met lu lingqi, hurriedly said.< / p > < p > soon, a group of juyan city guards appeared in juyan city, will be a line of lu lingqi came in."You...... "Juyan king gaped at lv lingqi, see the other side eyes sweep, a butt sitting on the chair, along while unable to speak.玄心奥妙诀全集|"The western regions all protect?" Juyan king complexion a change, shen voice way: "he took how many people to come?"

玄心奥妙诀全集|"Ham-er! < / p > < p > liu bao stood up, came to the big tent outside, while thinking about countermeasures in the brain, at the same time to call their general."General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little.

The cheers that resound in the courtyard, lv bu has been unable to attend to, a few steps dash into a room inside, come to bed edge, look at a face pale and weak sable cicada, some love dearly of pull sable cicada of hand.Meiji, the court of the huns.It's a pity that designed the volume is too big, the use of gravity for the crossbow machine on the play ", so I need gravity high, a bit like a water gun, at the top of the magazine also designed a special downward JianCu iron, each time after use arrow box will be back in reverse, time-consuming, laborious and range is also not too ideal, because JianCu cannot fill in arrow feathered in this case, if the distance is far, JianCu himself will play drift under the resistance of the air, but it is said that a powerful within fifty paces, but consumption is astonishing, in the case of can't keep pace with productivity to, all this stuff is a decoration.玄心奥妙诀全集|




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