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ca4121航班|河间手工活"Presumptuous! Zhang ren's vision a li li, nu way: "public insult Lord male, you true when I dare not kill?""Xuande's words suit me." Cao cao nodded and stood up, saying, "I will send duke xuande to you.""Lord and minister think it will be easier to attack the city." Xunyou suggested at cao cao's side.

"Shi yuan, how can you be so leisurely?" Hanzhong, wei yan a face not resistant rushed in, only to see pang tong is depend on a chaise longue, no image on the left leg on the table, right leg on his left leg, a hand holding a book, a little hand pick the nostrils, along with a hip flask, very nice, wei said, suddenly a head of black line, is a family son, is it always this alternative, pang tong's performance to involve perhaps is because of this, he can get along with lu bu?Early morning, the boundless mountains fills the air in the early morning, the fault closed, wei the wall with a group of people is touring, liu bei force while setback in yesterday, but absolutely cannot treat STH lightly, the fault commissioner, baizhang range all the gravel, mound has been razed, in order to not let the siege of the enemy has no chance of tailgating."Run? Zhuge liang was stunned and said, "zhou yu escaped from yi DE?"ca4121航班|Really surprises cao cao and liu bei is, in the lobby jiangdong, sun quan had no hesitation, agreed to a union thing was zhuge liang and cao cao xun yu under the account plan, jiangdong is the most difficult to persuade a piece, but even though the jiangdong raised a lot of conditions, but for the Allies, jiangdong wenwu didn't have any objection, but anyway, could the world governors lyu3 bu4, a total review is a good thing after all, in short on no one questioned.

ca4121航班|"Well!" Gao shun nodded and answered subconsciously."General miaocai should not underestimate the influence of this Chinese book on the silk road." At bitterness sigh a way: "lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, and ultimately survived five thousand coalition nations, have been awarded han, lyu3 bu4 and many excellent performers have a title of honor of Lord, by this point, can not only enjoy the treatment efficiencies, can join the army into the military, enjoy the benefit of the lu army soldiers under.""My Lord, I am afraid there is something under the wooden armor that supports it, not human power!" Ma jun stood beside lu bu, pointing to a wooden armor road that was storming the gate.

"Open the gate! Xiongkuo sea waved, zhou cang and jiang lost with two teams of hussars riding on both sides of the gate, with xiongkuo sea gave an order, the gate was slowly opened, was excitedly attacking the gate of wood armor in front of suddenly empty, borrowedInto the city gate."Well!" Dejong a wave of his hand, dozens of vehicles for up to two zhangs, also has a wide of a post, the ballista is out, although it was ballista, but ballista ahead, has set up a barrier, in addition to the arrow holes, other places are obstructed by baffle, cannot see picture on the opposite side, several successive crossbow car out, will jingzhou army was wrapped in.Chapter 75 gives the true meaning of policyca4121航班|




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