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宇爱丹刷钻|南京灌浆料Chapter IX LawHey law ~"Yes, that child must obey his fath." D depressed nodded.

"It was her." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, but remember the day will be wrapped in armor all over the woman, listen to the voice, should not be too bad: "What trouble?""The general said, a word, since can block my three not dead, the general will naturally fulfill his promise." Lyu3 bu4 will hang party day painting ji back on horseback, looked at d laughed: "moreover, your ability has not reached the limit, die now, some pity, hope to see you next time, you can block a few more moves.""Kill!" At the moment, cao peng also some regret, but there is no way back, stop is looking for death, the moment not to retreat, with a momentum to kill wei yan, an arrow's distance, simply not time to release the second wave of arrow rain, cao peng has killed.宇爱丹刷钻|"Bao ~"

宇爱丹刷钻|"Xinfeng camp and even the county seat, I'm afraid has been broken by wei yan, we rush to at this time, I'm afraid will hit with wei yan." Zhong yao bitter way, I didn't expect their dignitaries, unexpectedly will be a unknown general led by the nose."Meng Qi, make Ming." Looking at them, Marten said with a smile, "This time the Han court came to make envoys, and asked me to join forces with your uncle Wen Yue to beg for the thief Lv Bu, for the father has promised them, to take Meng Qi as the main general, to make the Ming vice, led the troops twenty thousand, to cooperate with the imperial army, to beg for Lv Bu."As satrap of Hanoi, Miuchamp has been uneasy lately, Although nominally loyal to cao cao, but in fact as early as years ago, has agreed to lombardi recruiting, secretly took refuge in lombardi, recently was ready to find an opportunity to announce, just at this time, nationalities a captain zhong yao suddenly arrived, and directly let general cao peng took over his military power, will be stationed in hanoi almost evacuated.

Liang Xing sitting on horseback, looking at the direction of the far fu ping, with a little excitement on his face, d has potential poor force alone, as long as he will occupy the north county, d will be completely reduced to a lone army, most importantly, after the war, Korea hence greatly increased, he liang Xing will become the north county satrap, is also a member of the frontier officials."No, the horses keep them riding." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, he also pointed to these horses?Outside the gansu right, d Pegasus came to the gate, looked up at the flag that represents the han sui, hunting in the wind, look in d eyes, but extremely dazzling, hanging on the gate of a row of heads, looking at the familiar appearance, a mouthful of blood rushed up his throat, but d live swallowed back.宇爱丹刷钻|




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