放松 太紧 动不了 叫出来|

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放松 太紧 动不了 叫出来|cjdao理财This battle is really no way to fight, condescending are not somebody else's range, even if it is a catapult, also can't play a role, out of the city? More bullshit, all the defenders of the two counties add up to not enough ten thousand, rushed out of the city, not to the front has no one."Master, will be at the end of the battle!" Tardif, zhou tai qi qi step out, proudly way.

The arrival of the male broad sea, let li muddy heart can not help but sink, even if he has assembled all the men at the moment, and male broad sea behind only five hundred guanzhong soldiers, but li muddy still dare not move.King!And Chen to, guan ping's death, for Liu Bei, The same blow is not small, but two strong, Chen to needless to say, guan ping to follow guan yu for many years, guan yu a martial arts, has learned 70%, now owe, just heat, over time, even less than guan yu, also enough to stand alone, quite liu bei loved, just now, so quietly killed by tardif, let liu bei how willing.放松 太紧 动不了 叫出来|"Hui strategist, is the guanzhong army sent letters. The general bowed down.

放松 太紧 动不了 叫出来|"Tomorrow you take a brigade of elite soldiers secretly fell in port, if guan yu sent troops to retake the port, then rate army and general zhou tai attack guan yu, seize the opportunity to seize the city!" Tracing the cause commanded.Xing Daorong stood under Yuanmen, pointing his sword at Tardif and others and laughing, "Didn't you want us to open the door, Jiangdong rat? Now Yuanmen is open, where are you going?"

"Isn't that better?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled, even if the three in one, now lyu3 bu4 are not afraid, let alone fight."Jingzhou?" Wei Yanwen speech can not help but startled way, what is it about jingzhou? Suddenly: "master sent troops to jingzhou?"Construction, Sun Quan residence.放松 太紧 动不了 叫出来|





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