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鲁音屋|级级升波动丸"Poof ~"The horse shied a sound, people stand up, the man took the opportunity to gun such as electricity, will two xianbei soldiers throat piercing, followed by a body force a bullet, will be behind a xianbei knight from the back of the horse flew out, took away the other side of the horse.Before huns big front, liu bao body wears a suit of gorgeous brocade robe, the vision looks far ahead gradually clear up the camp, first zero old camp, there is one, built in the original place that he prepares to set up camp.

Fighting sound accompanied by crying, screaming voice at the moment in the tribe constantly staged, the sudden arrival of the huns, obviously let the Wolf qiang people some unprepared.What is the potential, in fact, is the heart, the heart is a complex complex, if want to control a person's mind, it is very difficult, even if jia xu this kind of good at mind, want to really control a person's heart, is impossible, and also useless."Not now." Lv lingqi shook his head: "father said good, if so for no reason to use me as the general, will let people say that his father no one, I should first in the central plains to play their own reputation, and then lose some generals, back, father also need not be difficult.鲁音屋|Addis, lyu3 bu4 is don't worry, may be genetic relationship, when lu bu, Addis skill is not bad and strengthened once blanc are not rivals, after lyu3 bu4 have strengthened once for her, now if theory of single combat effectiveness, as good as top military commanders, but as it is now in trouble everywhere, time is long, hard chi son always easy to meet.

鲁音屋|"Sir, is there any way to defeat the enemy?" After li kan left, zhang liao quickly looked at li ru. There were a hundred thousand troops. Although zhang liao was not afraid, it was not easy to conquer them.When jia xu returned to linrong, it was noon the next day, in the temporary residence of lv bu, the atmosphere was somewhat dignified, except for lv bu, everyone else was a face about to come.Lv bu holds the child in the bosom, although crumpled, but do not know because it is his child's reason, see more namely more pleasing to the eye.

Linrong, suburb."Send someone to find out what has happened.""What about our casualties?"鲁音屋|




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