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孙中鸣|法国库宝Zhuge liang was also quite helpless, sometimes he preferred to talk to smart people, that would save a lot of things, looking at zhang fei, shook his head and said with a smile: "yi DE need not ask more, liang assure you, these days there will be a war!""And that will have to wait until they actually join forces." The method just think of what, can not help sneer a way.

"Yes, Sir." The nighthawk bowed, glanced at ford, and asked, "master, will this man be surrendered to his subordinates?"Chapter 57 eagle's eye"I'm afraid what these generals are saying is true." Deng xian frowned. "ling bao I'm afraid... "孙中鸣|"Yes! Horse all hand way.

孙中鸣|"Arrogance! < / p > < p > sun yi complexion a black, looking at jiangdong, is zhou tai, tai shi ci these generals dare not look down on him so, the old man, dare to put this wild words, today is not to kill, also want to give the old man a lesson, also called the world hero know, jiang dong not only small overlord sun ce, and his sun yi.Gao shun frowns: "our soldiers enough, why call up hu bing?"And liu bei after storm xiangyang, eager to cause family internal Liu Beiyou, took Mrs CAI, on the one hand, CAI home those lands can count CAI home him as liu bei's private fields, on the other hand, in order to appease and woo the swing with the fall of CAI kuai two small and medium-sized family, with the family to join, liu bei in JingXiang status could be one of the biggest solid, and at the same time before can be eager to minimize the negative effects caused by.

But the angel of five road governors were involved in the songshan cemented, the eldest son liu to follow for cemented, sent to the milan to indicate a downward cemented, and Liu Beize is entrust military cui state flat, and close with guan yu, huang zhong, although the originators of cemented is cao cao, but in the end, or the liu, Liu Beishen for transgressions against lu bu one of the main force, while the forces than cao cao, but not weak momentum, as far as saying this is sent by ms, jiangdong although has not been completely for many, but is willing to support some hay cao cao, LuJiang shipped ShouChun, has gone through a support for the cemented."General gao asked." Xu shu said with a smile, "do you agree or disagree?"At shibuya, but nodded, regardless of the central plains dynasty willing to admit that, in the Great Wall, the conference semifinals mention han, thought that is not a court, but lu bu, the han dynasty in four hundred did not do, lyu3 bu4 is done in a decade, why lyu3 bu4 advocate hundred, shake the status of Confucianism, his Confucian though resistance, are not willing to joint with the kanto Confucianism, interacting and even ashamed of?孙中鸣|




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