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h文适入高辣|绍兴黄页"When the news came yesterday, it was almost to the valley of letters, now even has passed the valley of letters. Wei Yue replied.Lyu3 bu4, giffin, pound and others heard a silence, For a long time, giffin only way: "zhang he, falling in grant obviously already ready to war with our army, according to the horse stake, our army only have a way to go, but our army is cavalry, not good siege, want to break mayi, not only cost a great deal, I'm afraid it will take at least three months or longer."After a moment of silence, coss and wei yan react at the same time, each raised his weapon, in a roar of anger, the two men in the tiger fastened in the guanzhong as two torrents hit together.

"The thief will, since he does not want to keep his name, leave his life behind!" Zhang he laughed, bow and arrow, an arrow again.An enemy soldiers took advantage of the gap climbed up the wall, zhang he clearly felt, the soldier's eyes have no intention of war, some just a despair and madness, almost to their own up, suddenly fell in the dense forest of guns."I like that!" Hey laughter, lyu3 bu4 will turn the woman's body, let her face yourself, continue to unfold as if endless impact.h文适入高辣|In the gate, male broad sea bloody, like the evil spirits climbing out of hell, almost can't see the human form, a title of generals in ancient times under carelessly was strangled with a rope, dragged out of the camp, followed by a dozen long spear knife stabbed toward the title of title of generals in ancient times.

h文适入高辣|"Don 't try to cut off your tongue in that future!" Coss flushed, almost rushed up to cut people directly, the red-faced man really as disgusting as guan yu!Rugged voice at the moment clear to ChengTou, this is afraid of lyu3 bu4 prestige county soldiers will look at this moment, countless line of sight converge, gradually form a dull pressure."Roar ~"

"And people will always be old. When they return to the country, they will be clean-cut and clean-cut. It is natural to say that this is a fine occasion. But how many officials have been clean-cut and clean-cut since ancient times? Moreover, they have worked hard for the court all their lives, but in the end they have been clean-cut and clean-cut, and they have worked hard without merit. How can the court bear it?"Giffin looked up, but see mayi direction, flames, unexpectedly seems to be the whole city is burning up.Lyu3 bu4 will silk cloth over the information, patted the head of the eagle, behind the sentence and upright way: "Tong Ling Wang Ting in all the checkpoints, from all the military forces directly to the Yinfeng Gorge battle!"h文适入高辣|




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