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n0649|刮痕去除剂"Need not go busily government affairs?" Diao cicada don't understand of see lv bu: "must not because concubine body and delay the matter."Chang-an, a plow on, in a lot of people are curious eyes, erected a building up to three zhangs, in a couple of craftsmen, under the command of the faces huge canvas was fixed in the relation of cross bar, as the canvas, driven by wind, slowly turn, drives the inside of the bearing, the voice of the machine including friction, sounds a bit harsh."Cao cao if win, hold still, cao cao if lose, then send troops yuan shao, never let yuan shao take advantage of the situation unify the central plains!" Lyu3 bu4 Yang Yang neck, categorically way.

When I awoke, the room was so dark before dawn that I could hardly see, but I could not see very well."Back to the west cool! Lv bu turned his horse's head and continued to kill him without any meaning. After this battle, xiongnu's reputation or strength was severely damaged, and there was no way to threaten xiliang in the short term.Two parcels fell on the ground, rolled twice, and then scattered, revealing two bloody heads. Zhang he saw one of them and exclaimed, "general han meng! ?"n0649|Lyu3 bu4 was about to speak, move suddenly in the heart, only feel suddenly produce a sharp pain in his eyes, in d wondering eyes, lyu3 bu4 covering her eyes, on horseback, vehemently repressed the growing pain, as if eye will burst at any time, for a long time, that sort of tingling just slowly disappear, at the same time, the tip of the ring system in our mind.

n0649|"Han sui took some of the eight thousand soldiers in the chaotic army, and there were still many deserters. It was difficult to pursue them." "Said zhang liao."What's your name? Lyu3 bu4 came interest, war eagle is to cannot be like flying dove general popularization, but have total ratio have no strong, and war eagle although have no way to popularize, but function ratio flying dove is extensive however, this thing has intelligence quite, the good word of training, still can use reconnaissance enemy situation."Samba the little man is a slave brought by the king of tu from the western regions to help him tame war eagles." The man is not slaughtering people, but from the western regions, the answer at the moment trembling way."Lv bu, lv fengxian?" Pang tong continue to stick his neck, and this is not really don't back, lyu3 bu4 is too high, even if he is just sitting in a chair, pang tong are hard up (lyu3 bu4 ten feet tall, with the measurement unit of han dynasty to calculate words, is two meters in front, low than yao Ming, so the classmate don't understand is wrong, here a post, but there is no 3 m).

The New Year, is the first day of the first month, this time there is no Spring Festival, the New Year is called shousui, as a side overlord, lu bu naturally can not only limited to a small artisan camp."Well, send for one later." "Animal trainers are also a scarce industry, but compared with training monkeys, lu is more interested in training hawks and pigeons. In this era of backward information flow, if a group of flying pigeons can be trained, it can greatly improve the efficiency of his work.Li ru nodded his head with satisfaction and said, "only a few generals promise to burn the whole family and join our army. Later, they will respect my Lord and Lord.n0649|




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