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永恒的行刑者|亮晶晶眼贴Five days later, lyu3 bu4 finally received the appointment of the court, general levy west, with the right to open the house, rank ratio.Xu togeher smiled and said to the two humanity: "lyu3 bu4 but moss mustard, two generals brave, but master's general, this south against cao cao, no less than two generals, if the two generals went to the party, who will fight for the duke?"

"Get up!" A west cool general anger will be two stagnant west cool army slay, with some messy armor, rode back and forth on horseback, yelling at the west cool army to encircle and suppress the damned enemy."Go!" In the rain, d suddenly will be all over the strength through the gun, rushed into the horse to play that dead can't die, the whole body was d live a gun shattered, into two pieces fell to the ground, deeply spit out a mouthful of turbid gas, d looked back, eyes fell on the kneeling trembling fall around pawn, eyes flashed a seepage of death.Marotta and zhang embroidery looked at each other, smiled and lifted d way: "the general said heavy, the expedition, not just a few of us, in addition to seibel, zhang liao two generals, master has successfully persuaded baishui, broken qiang, now with baishui, qiang twenty thousand qiang army, bypass wuwei, direct attack jincheng, korea hence this time, will inevitably invade!"永恒的行刑者|"Master!" Chen palace frowned.

永恒的行刑者|"Well." Yang nodded, sighed, followed by giffin went out."Cavalry against infantry are tied, the jun general, when it is a waste!" D eyes flashed a sneer at, sneer at a way: "Although father wants to make friends with jun now, but also can't let jun underestimate us, then defeated seibel, let jun know our ability, command to go on, the army set out tomorrow, soldiers in the locust!"

"Say yes, but master of twenty thousand qiang army, the purpose is to surprise Korea thief rear, and our purpose, is to hold Korea hence the main force, the longer the time, master there is more favorable!" Marotta smiled and said, "Therefore, we have only 30,000 available men, but we have to delay the hundreds of thousands of Korea hence army, at present, still can only to keep the main, until the master of the success of the day, is the time to fight with Korean thieves!""You..." Santa incredibly looked around the huns fighters, red eyes, flashed an incredible light, these people, there are many of his cronies, now unexpectedly want to choose to abandon him."Hande, let some grass men put on the huns armor in the camp, tonight we start." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the direction of the millet, voice gradually become cold: "camp of the huns... don't leave alive!"永恒的行刑者|




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