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强悍神农|合肥企业名录"How? Haven't seen you for a year, and miss big is getting very grumpy." Lv bu turned over eyelid, the vision however see toward that tough man way: "this, must be gan ning gan general?"Well, that doesn't sound like a bad thing."Quick! Don't rest, everyone, get up and go!" Gao gan hurriedly turned over and mounted his horse and shouted at a group of soldiers: "if you don't leave, don't blame me if you die!"

"Good." Lv bu turned his head and saw lv zheng in a group of bear children, curious and afraid of looking at the field is having a contest in the ma chao with the magnificent sea.Now lv bu has the northwest and is the dominant party. He is competing with yuan cao for the supremacy of the north."Gongming got me a general. What's the crime?" Cao cao smiled.强悍神农|His waist has always been as straight as a javelin, at the moment, he can not show half of the fatigue.

强悍神农|"Poverty retires." Left ci slightly arch hands, under the leadership of zhou cang left.Pang tong was sure that the equalization of land would be a great disturbance to the whole world, and...Jizhou, yecheng.

"The father-in-law is not in a hurry." Lyu3 bu4 with the wave way: "I can't let people think I am lyu3 bu4 on daughter netting generals, is going to marry my daughter, ok, now the liaodong sp 4 c and rebellious, I deeply of evil, you go to the quiet state, wen far will give you five thousand horses, transfers within half a year, no matter what method you use, give me the sun's head back, even your dowry, remember, only five thousand people, in addition to this, you cannot move a single soldier, more successful, I would gig, personally for you preside over marriage.""Husband, if I follow you, will liu xuande be discontented?" Lu lingqi frowned at the zhaoyun, for liu xuande, as lu bu's daughter, and did not have much affection."Daddy, daddy! < / p > < p > lv zheng side, ma qiu suddenly shouted loudly, but to see their Lao tze and people fighting, children can not see what strength, unconsciously cheered up.强悍神农|





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