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乱辈真实故事|正点减肥片"Thank you, general." Liu zhang nodded, in fact, there is nothing to pack up, before the collection of wealth he can not take away, also only greeted the family wife, then to the road.23 September, Berkshire, mat, jiang wei took three thousand elite troops marched quickly, Berkshire and padang, Brazil and Berkshire itself, Brazil is LangZhong, when zhang ren station troops, adjacent to hanzhong, the rundown and zhuge liang, is actually one of the three ba ba county, but the amphibious arteries, surrounded on three sides by water, easy to keep difficult tapping, wei led three thousand former chang 'an sentinels as a pioneer, first arrived here, is for the sake of getting the chance to beat while zhuge liang remains shaky, open the portal of county, facilitate the pang tong to follow army can march into, into the county.Pang tong took most of the grain and grass with him. After wei yan came here, he was sure to be warmly welcomed by langzhong daying soldiers. He could also help wei yan build up his military power.

Ford did not know, because it was only a single line transmission, the jiangdong side would not give him any reply, nor asked him to do any preparation, but he thought it was a good opportunity, but the jiangdong side, it is not necessarily so, or did not expect there will be this pouring rain, suddenly missed the opportunity.< / p > < p > Chen to the whereabouts, will be ford secret means to jiangdong nightingale, although no real power, but he followed Chen to the side every day, for Chen to the whereabouts, almost accurate grasp, including the summer mouth trip.When wei yan, according to the instructions of pang tong at that time, received the information and arrived in langzhong with 6,000 troops to escort the grain and grass of hanzhong, he was warmly welcomed by all the officers and soldiers of langzhong daying camp.乱辈真实故事|"Let him in." Deng xian glanced at liu

乱辈真实故事|Soldiers, Chen to clear insight into the opponent's intentions, from fighting, lv meng this tactic is not difficult, but see through, does not mean to stop the water army command, to Chen has practiced hard over the years, but practice preachings, completely can't keep up with the changes of the speed of each other's rhythm, and gradually by the other party holding, oneself can only helplessly looking at warships have been overturned, then each other like a Wolf jump, eating away at the soldiers at the life.Chapter 84 the tide is set"If we take the military lightly, shi yuan is better than me." Zhuge liang smiled sadly and shook his head.

Although liu DHS itself is not wrong, this matter, he is also a victim, the meaning of the original provisions are also does not blame, but learned from pang tong liu DHS to lu bu is inconsistent, plus the shu zhong xin, this time, if liu DHS stood up against is hit from the south or the jingzhou, liu DHS in shu master connections to many, if, by the person when the time comes for them, it is a great misfortune, now let him to commit suicide, but also can save a lot of trouble, and there is no need to worry about thatContinued attack for liu bei, so for now, but the burden on the logistics problems, and, more importantly, the fundamental impregnability, the fault closed like a barrier between luoyang and jingzhou, that kind of feeling of despair that six months he felt more than once, even guan yu, huang zhong this several times in Athens personally led by each other under the condition of forced back, liu bei has been don't know if I should how to support cao cao."General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.乱辈真实故事|




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