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立健婷|奥鲨宝The mou son inside give a hint of a sinister opportunity thoroughly, these han people are ready apparently, the best position first one step grabbed past, no matter where he builds camp, on the Angle, can be in disadvantageous position.Born a general, the body meets the turbulent times, with unique skills, in addition to the gender is not suitable, lu lingqi has all the prerequisites for the general, as those who want to be able to show their talent, she now urgently want a stage to prove their own."Who are you waiting for? Why are you here?" When zhou cang was about to leave, he heard a loud shout and turned his head to see a general with more than ten pro-guards approaching. It seemed that he was going to the city, but he accidentally saw them.

< / p > < p > liu bao nature will not be as stupid as hamu son directly go up to provoke, lv bu here, let him do not have the interest of the fight, the first warrior of the huns are defeated in the hands of a man, this to, there is no reason to send up to be beaten face."Big brother doesn't know." Kun mu heart a tight, face is a smile unchanged way: "han sui's army is also a lot of qiang people, and although this person is qiang people dress, but in fact is han people, just grew up in qiang people, looks more like qiang people.Suddenly I turned and saw a column of smoke in the south. The fire had become visible and was growing fast, moving towards the west and towards the middle.立健婷|Zhou cang last night's battle process spoke in detail, although can't say how this kind of style, but always feel lv lingqi this kind of play skillfully avoid the woman weak, not good at front fight short board, will oneself agile, lightsome characteristic perfect play out.

立健婷|Admire wood son puffed up laughing, never make, a fierce a great hammer down, spiral tube hai, hand takes a knife or pick or build, will each other's attack, he is a specialist, for many years, although now have passed the golden age, but the art of using saber is increasingly great composed, also a share sharp, after ten rounds, admire wood son some strength obviously couldn't meet, tube hai took three straight knife, brush brush to the other party is difficult to cut to defensive side ribs, although admire wood son (defense, but still can not block, has finally been tube a nasty gash on the hai is a knife on the floor, pain call a sound, the horse and walked.Xu du, cao fu.Cool year will come, while harmony is not rich, but lu bu gave people a hope, lyu3 bu4 next year in harmony appeal and cold area of people will be even more powerful, lyu3 bu4 not only to plan out the next year's development direction, what is more important to the power use, continuously strengthen its place in harmony in cold area at the same time, will be lyu3 bu4 some new policies and rules a little bit of promotion in the form of a kind of people can accept.

"DE jong? Chen gong looked strangely at zhang yi, who was bewildered, and called several times before he woke her up.As the boss, what lv bu is in charge of is the most suitable person is put in the most appropriate position, personally do this kind of thing, be in lv bu to see at least, not the attitude of a qualified upper position person.It's strange!立健婷|





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