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賠邦みさと|藍兎概Chang-an, a plow on, in a lot of people are curious eyes, erected a building up to three zhangs, in a couple of craftsmen, under the command of the faces huge canvas was fixed in the relation of cross bar, as the canvas, driven by wind, slowly turn, drives the inside of the bearing, the voice of the machine including friction, sounds a bit harsh."It is not as if han sui is here to attack us. Let us first see him and then send more guards." Burn when Lao wang shook his head, he did not want to play with lu bu, also do not want to play with han sui, in the end, this is the han people's own internal affairs, he burned when what matter?The rain tends to fall more and more, with the lightning constantly shining in the sky, making the whole city of chang 'an shrouded in a haze.

After shaking his head, li ru looked at zhang liao and said, "sometimes, we may not only use our own men. If our enemies can use them properly, they may be better than our own men."This speech a, they look at each other in speechless despair, for a moment also do not know how to answer, qiang king's position is naturally everyone want to sit, present of people, most also have this opportunity, but now is a very special period, who became qiang king, have to deal with the current situation."The Lord is not at home during this period of time, but the elder lady has become a bully in chang 'an." Zhang smiled sadly and looked toward Chen gong dao.賠邦みさと|Lv bu does not know liu bao to recruit the means of change one's life stealthily, calculate to know, he also won't in order to chase after kill liu bao and give up to chase after kill these hun people opportunity, as long as did not have this army, calculate liu bao to regard xiongnu as the successor in the future to escape back again can how? For at least the next twenty years, the weakened huns would have to carry on with their tails between their legs.Before the fire and the impact of the later, in fact, really dead huns didn't how much, heaven rain saved the xiongnu people's life, and after the impact, in order to avoid their own life is too heavy, lyu3 bu4 first shot the enemy Lord behavior, while causing serious confusion of huns, also avoid the positive fierce fighting, the real killing, starts from the warfare of pursuit and attack, almost every moment, there are hundreds of thousands of huns under the han army to kill shot, or catch up soldiers killed.

賠邦みさと|'what for? Several han soldiers stepped forward and stopped the young man.< / p > < p > qin hu speed and xiongnu discord, liu bao did not expect, but first zero, must not let lv bu got, at this time liu bao just see clearly, this lv bu to hetao, is clearly to deal with his huns, his tolerance, but missed the best opportunity to drive lu bu out of hetao.This is bullshit, but within his control, lyu3 bu4 is not stingy about delegating power. Of course, if someone is beyond his control, don't wonder why lyu3 bu4, who is not in charge, would suddenly give you power one day.

Damn it! Lv bu hand how can have this kind of thing! ?"Miss, please come back with us." Cang grim-faced looking at Addis, chasing out two days later, zhou cang found wrong, actually no news all the way, the way back, JingXiang make so much noise, how can you keep up there, when learned that when you return to JingXiang Addis and fold, zhou cang frightened to disgrace, hurriedly with hardships coming day and night."Don't worry." A look at the shirakawa, sima light way: "I have get in contact with Carthage, chang 'an, now more than five hundred dead, as long as we successfully breached the general office, city the sentinels will be someone to pick up, we can take the occupation of changan, tuen mun in the party's thirty thousand military forces will take over the river, with our inside, then lyu3 bu4 ares is alive, can only return to the west is cool."賠邦みさと|




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