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tokyo hot n0500|雷泰涂胶"Crossing the river? Lv meng was surprised to see zhou yu: "but the beacon tower... "The marquis DE?"Yeah." Sun jing wen yan slightly one zheng, thought for a while, nodded his head: "or Mr. Gong da thought comprehensive, static ugly."

"Speak up! Xunyou shook his head and looked at cao cao. "if there is no objection, this alliance will be formally established?""The Lord learned that the tiger prison war tragic, special orders will come to the end of the troops, waiting for the general to send. Han DE escaped from his arms and said, "this is the command given by the Lord. The command will be given to the general at the end.""Poof ~"tokyo hot n0500|There is no doubt about the importance of sichuan and shu. Sichuan and shu were an important part of zhuge liang's plan. After zhuge liang left, liu bei remembered why it was wrong.

tokyo hot n0500|The dense clusters of arrows hit the thick shield, and many of them were directly bounced off. The big shield was covered with a layer of cooxhide, and the inside was also inlaid with iron. Ordinary bows and arrows could not break through the defense of the shield."No, not angry, not angry." Cao cao nodded, took a deep breath, turned his head to look at the xunyou new sent to his book zuo, see the appearance of the other side, a frown said: "I am still the first time to see the old book zuo, who are you?"General, our crossbows can't Pierce the other side's strange vehicle." The lieutenant smiled sadly.

Chapter 50 friends come"Although gao shun's army is excellent, the number of soldiers is not large. There are twenty thousand soldiers in the army, while the army in gao shun is only eight hundred. As if to see cao cao's dissatisfaction, xun you smiled.tokyo hot n0500|




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