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小芳的故事|潍坊黄页..."Withdraw! Lv bu looks at the letter in the hand, frowning way."Go!" CAI MAO gnash teeth way: "bearer, go to all the food, grass and baggages burn, we take not to go, also absolutely leave lv bu!"

"An army of five hundred?" Lu xun was stunned."Bang ~" in the moment that two people talk, there lyu3 bu4 already took the hussar to ride to guard in yuan jun to kill an opening, gao LAN layout of the line of defense in lyu3 bu4's tear begin to be close to collapse."Get out of here, Gavin and carcase, it's you and me today!" Is confused, the yard door suddenly spread pang tong angry roar.小芳的故事|Under the leadership of the two famous city wei, lu kuang went to the deep of the main street, and the carnage around yuan tan mansion began to spread around, and even occasionally we could see the soldiers fighting with red eyes, which made us feel that... Enemy meet also but so?

小芳的故事|"Young people, you have to understand the Tibetan front." Lu bu smiled and shook his head. After telling Chen gong, he left the government office and didn't come back for a year. It was time to see his son."Be free and at leisure, talk to the sovereign about the central plains." Jia xu laughed two times.Opposite, gao shun army in, see the head of the city suddenly someone fall, a head doubt of see gao shundao: "general, what is this mean?"

The dull drum outside the battlefield sounded, the already desperate spirit of high view a boost, that is the unique frequency of cao jun's drums, cao jun to help! ?< / p > < p > ferry, gao shun looked at a piece of the body from the river, most have frozen to death, these people have yuan jun, also have his subordinates, the snow gradually under the big, the snow after this, is afraid to call a truce, tanma to report, guo yuan has led the rest of the soldiers back to the direction of zhongyang, want to leave a way out for gao gan?Lv bu stopped red rabbit slowly, twist a head, icy eye son falls on two people body, even if be a hundred battle valiant general, xiahou dun and xu huang also feel the heart is unconscious at the moment of firm convulsion a few, the eye flash a touch of hesitation.小芳的故事|




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