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小花仙的翅膀在哪买|fr d740 1.5k cht"Click ~""Bang-bang-bang ~" a pick up He Yi's corpse, XiongKuoHai rushed to the gate, the hands of the copper rod of varying degrees knocked at the gate, this is a title of generals in ancient times camp special way of transmitting information.Since lyu3 bu4 out, alias temuzhen, re-establish the huns tribe, these were not long ago also bullied by the xianbei tribe of the humiliated huns waist gradually straight up.

"Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much.Lombardi silent will the cao cao wrote to xun yu urgent documents to see again, sneer at 1, in xu togeher startled eyes, lost the letter."Monsieur, look there!" Xu togeher with only a dozen people, nature dare not rely on cao camp too close, can only wait and see from a distance, at this moment, a pro-Wei suddenly pointed to the entrance of cao camp in the distance.小花仙的翅膀在哪买|But xu togeher difficult to get, does not mean there is no way.

小花仙的翅膀在哪买|At the same time, some voices of discontent were heard among the tribes as well as the great success of Kirby, but because Kirby was now too powerful, they did not erupt, only in secret."I don't know." Zhaoyun looked to the distant horizon, blankly way: "to complete a commitment."Qui head complexion nodded: "you and that temuzhen quite personal friends, let you go, be sure to bring him back, must not let other tribes ahead of time."

"Monseigneur temuzhen, khan, please." Lyu3 bu4 ready to go back, a maid came over, bow down."General, something is wrong!" Lieutenant Chen dare to find the wrong, hurriedly pulled Chen Xing."Damn this guy, he unexpectedly said zhang adult want to harm me, in the food and drink, I believe that zhang adult elegant demeanor, will never do such shameless things, zhang adult just drink a glass of wine, prove adult innocence, I will immediately kill the man!" Lyu3 bu4 laughed.小花仙的翅膀在哪买|




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